1. Words

Users don’t read, most of the UI • Use text in meaningful way that important words get noticed and read. • Speak Human : Talk like how you’ll talk face to face • Write with your heart, edit with your brain • First best thing always comes from hear, so trust your intuition, then improve with brain • Write the most simple and *commonly used words*, don’t try to be clever. • Use google trends to see which words are most widely used. • Eg: Sign In, Contact, About, etc. • Always be consistent with the words. — ?


2. De-cluttery-ness

“Perfection is achieved when there is nothing left to take away.” • Reduce load on people, only text should be the text that they absolutely need to read (because they don’t read) • 100 Clear Screens is better than 1 cluttered 1 • Less confusion, happier users • Whitespace is Good. — ?


3. Clarity

“Clarity refers to the focus on one particular message or goal at a time, rather than attempting to accomplish too much at once”. – Michael Hoffman • Not just words, even actions need to be minimised and clarified. • Explain things like you would want them explain to you in real life. • Create workflows in a way you would expect them to behave, this will build trust. • Colors will build a visual tone. They will understand what different colors does, so we have to be conistent in that as well. • If words are adding clarity, then they are good. • Icons are good, but they need words too and icons should be consistent as well. — ?


4. Testing

We want to generate maximum value, achieve the ultimate goal and do so while keeping the user delighted.


5. Being Humble

Ego Kills Design. • Ego Stops Learning. • Become Mindful • Be Honest • Its not for us, its for our users. We’re designing to solve problems


6. Delight Our Users

“Personality is the mysterious force that attracts us to certain people/websites/apps and repels us from other.” – A a ron Walter • If we create solutions that they have to use but doesn’t delight, they get frustrated day in day out and that adds up. • Empathy is key. • Use Empathy to remove pain points or add elements that delights them. • You can go deeper multiple levels to add delight to the user. • Connect feelings with features.